Bringing Nature Indoors: Incorporating Gardens in Interior Design




As interior design advances throughout modern society, the old adage holds true – less can be more. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of the latest growing trends is one of the oldest: re-incorporating gardens into interior design. With this push for bringing nature indoors, decorators and designers are finding new, creative ways to make fiddles, ferns, and flowers a part of the home. Welcome to the elegant world of incorporating gardens in interior design.

1. Bringing the Outdoors In – A Guide to Interior Garden Design

When it comes to interior design, adding a touch of nature is an extremely welcome addition. Whether it is through houseplants, hanging plants, or the careful placement of furniture and other features in the home. There are many ways of bringing the outdoors in and creating a lively, green interior that is filled with life and vibrancy. Here we give you the rundown on interior garden design, complete with helpful tips and ideas!

  • Choose Your Tropical Plants: Let’s start with the most colorful, visually stimulating type of indoor plants—tropical plants! From begonias to pineapples, these plants will help you achieve an instant injection of life in your home’s interior. Place them in strategic locations; around the windows and natural light sources works best. Make sure to provide them with the necessary nutrients and water for them to survive and thrive.
  • Let Succulents Take Charge: Succulents are a great choice for those who want to go the easy route with interior garden design. These resilient plants require minimal maintenance and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Place them on shelves and windowsills to give your home a touch of greenery.
  • Grow Your Own Herb Garden: Herbs are a great way to spruce up the kitchen and the meals too! Basil, oregano, and rosemary are some of our favorites. Place some small pots in the kitchen window to get your own mini-herb garden, planted with seasonings you use most often.

Interior garden design is a creative way to bring the outdoors in and make your home more inviting and vibrant. By making careful selections in terms of plants, furniture, and other features, you can create a home that is warm and welcoming. With the right interior garden design, your home will feel more alive and be a space filled with joy and energy.

Whatever your style, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and customize your home. Everything from floor plants, hanging plants to terrariums are available, so go for whatever speaks to you. Add some of nature’s beauty to your home and be amazed at the difference it makes!

2. Utilizing Nature’s Elements in Home Décor

Adding a little bit of nature to your home décor can give it that special something that makes it uniquely your own. Natural elements can soften the hard edges of a modern living space, or add a touch of vintage to an industrial look. Here are a few ways to involve nature in your design.

  • Bring the garden indoors. Blooming flower arrangements on the coffee table or even a couple of small potted plants on the mantle can make a room feel cheerful and inviting. For an elegant look, try a row of white or pale green terrariums lining the tops of bookshelves or a credenza.
  • Go for organic textures. Incorporate natural elements that carry a sense of richness. For instance, try a sea fan or a fan coral on the mantle or side table. A basket of shells, a woven tray, or some hand-dyed fabrics or throws can be lovely against muted wall colors.
  • Layer with natural pieces. Weaved baskets, a rustic starburst mirror, horns on the wall, or a round jute rug on the floor can all evoke a feeling of harmony with nature.
  • Look to nature for inspiration. Whether your taste leans to a minimalist aesthetic, or a luxe vintage feel, look to nature’s design elements for inspiration. Check out landscapes, driftwood, lake stones, pieces of petrified wood, or bird feathers.

These natural elements can practically speak for themselves, so often you don’t need to layer them with a lot of decorative flair. Instead, let your natural decor pieces shine in an otherwise neutrally-decorated space.

To round out any natural home decor scheme, a faint smell of nature can be achieved with a variety of essential oils, or a vase of fresh cut flowers.

3. Transform Living Spaces with Fresh Greenery

Lighten up your living space with the beauty of nature, literally! What better way to spruce up your living area than with fresh greenery, bringing life to even the dullest of corners. Untangle yourself from the everyday routine and give your home a breath of fresh air! Here are 3 simple yet stylish ways to add greenery to any living space:

  • Make a statement with plants. Nothing can latch on to a wall and a living room in an instant than a stunning and lively vertical garden. You don’t need a green thumb to do this. A bit of research and you are sure to find a style that would best fit your interior.
  • Befriend a fern. Ferns remain timeless. It might be the minimal design and prehistoric resemblance that draws us towards them. Ferns come in a variety of shapes and growing fast, make them the perfect natural accessory for your living space.
  • Create a stimulating ambience. Mystery plants like bamboo palms, peace lilies, and golden pothos all work to create wonderful visuals in a living space. Not to mention the great air purifying benefits from these leafy friends. Bringing life to your livingroom, both figuratively and literally.

A living space can be transformed within minutes with the addition of a few plants. The feeling of impactful visuals adds intensity to any atmosphere and of course, a touch of nature makes any space luxurious.

Choosing plants without breaking the budget may seem impossible at first, but the truth is, most plants do not require a ton of care and a few simple insights in plant care can extend the lifespan of said plants. What’s more, freshening up your living space with green does not require a major investment of time, money and effort.

4. Natural Beauty in Your Living Room

The interior design of a living room is often a reflection of its inhabitants. One way to make a living room stand out is with natural beauty. Not only is this sustainable, but it is also eco-friendly and chic. Here are 4 ways to bring a little natural beauty of the outdoors in your living room:

  • Bring the garden inside: Fresh flowers or plants in interesting, eye-catching containers, can make your living room come to life. Choose multiple plants of different sizes and textures and place them on end tables or coffee tables for maximum extravagance.
  • Put a spin on cabinetry: Choose natural materials such as timber and bamboo, for your built-in cabinets and storage furnishings. Accentuate them with various coats of paint or with metallic finishes. Such materials bring in texture and a unique look and feel to your living area.
  • Decorate your way: Instead of elaborate wall décor opt for large maps or landscape depictions. They are edgy, abstract and bring in a dreamy ambiance to your living room.
  • Let your floor do the talking: Let the beauty of your floor shine with woven rugs or carpets of natural materials like wool and jute. This brings in a subtle and elegant feel to your living room.

Natural beauty goes much deeper than just aesthetics. It encourages a healthy lifestyle, bringing in an air of tranquility in one’s living space. So take a chance with the natural beauty of the outdoors and give your living room an invigorating makeover.

From wooden tables dotted with succulents to living walls made up of tropical plants, interior gardens are an exciting way to bring the beauty and brilliance of nature into any indoors space. And with minimal effort, you can make your own oasis of life and beauty, no matter how tight or bare the space!

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