Cacti and Desert Plants: Hardy Beauties for Water-Smart Gardens

Discover how to bring a little of the desert into your garden with water-smart cacti and succulent plants. With unexpected shapes and textures, these tough and colorful plants make a great addition to any garden.

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Structures and Hardscaping: Incorporating Pathways, Pergolas, and More

A garden isn't complete without structures and hardscaping to add texture and interest. Incorporate pathways, pergolas, fountains, and more to create a beautiful outdoor space that is sure to draw admiring eyes.

Creating a Serene Oasis: Designing a Tranquil Garden Retreat

Set aside a special corner of your garden to create a calming oasis. Long blooming flowers, lush shrubs, a bubbling fountain, and comfortable seating will provide a tranquil haven from the chaos of your daily life.

Creative Techniques for Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

Maximise a small space with clever vertical gardening techniques, such as mounting planters on walls or balconies, stacking pots and planters, or creating a living wall.

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